Motivation? Let’s send out:

I always get the creeps when I hear they’re bringing in the motivational guy. How lazy and uncreative for the company, and how lucrative for the guy who climbed Everest in his underwear.

I’ve sat in on more than a few planning committees as they were just trying to fill a slot. If you’re looking for inspiration, look amongst yourselves. You see them every day.

There’s plenty of “tough shit tickets” being punched out there, and the brave survivors with incredible stories are most likely sitting in your own cafeteria.

Send the hired guns back to the Catskills.

These performers have been groomed, handled, contracted, rehearsed, road tested, and scheduled like the cast of Hair.

I call it corporate stand-up.

I don’t want to sit through an hour of some guy channeling Zig Ziglar. Zig has already zagged.

I’ve had enough corporate smog blown up my ass over thirty years to close an airport.

Use some of that creativity and innovation you’re always talking about.

Clues, anyone?

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