Morons For Money

Fitness pros usually start out on Youtube disseminating valuable information. Until they start repeating themselves. Then, to keeping getting paid by Google for the number of views and subscribers on their channel, they have to revisit their previous information and nuance it.

They pose hypotheticals, attack other fitness pros, gossip and outright lie to sell a product they are whoring (like BCAA’s) and descend into moron territory.

What usually happens is, in frustration, they have a meltdown on camera, say a bunch of ridiculous things, scream, yell, foam at the mouth and in an act of total, hasty indiscretion, load it up to Youtube.

Well, who doesn’t want to watch that? The next day, Bozo sees his numbers, his viewers and his subscribers go up and his bank account gets a big pump.

This is where he decides to change his business plan.

He goes dark and turns into a freak show with no more valuable fitness information and starts talking about the problem he’s having with his girlfriend, his erectile dysfunction from steroids and the price of growth hormone.

There’s plenty of that stuff on Hulu so….

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