Little Victories!

Let’s put aside any talk of the incredible health benefits of getting in top physical condition.

Let’s not talk about why we can’t reach our fitness goals.

Let’s not focus on the barriers anymore.

Instead, let’s talk about little victories.

Let’s talk about overcoming your inner weenie on a daily basis.

Let’s talk about how well your engine’s running.

Let’s talk about the sense of accomplishment you get when you look in the mirror at your well conditioned miracle.

Let’s talk about the long forgotten excitement of dressing up to go out in well fitting attire.

Let’s talk about the positive comments you get at work from co-workers about how good you look and how they wish they had your drive.

Let’s talk about the respect you receive from the people you work for because you show up looking like you’re ready for anything.

Let’s talk about how you get picked to manage projects because you look like you can manage yourself.

Let’s talk about how well you can handle life’s shit storms because you train and feed your body to meet those demands.

Let’s talk about confidence, not some phony self talk you pulled out of “The Secret.”

Let’s talk about the confidence it takes to be a leader in your chosen field.

Let’s talk about how one victory leads to another….and another.

Let’s talk about how sexy you feel all the time. Period

Let’s not talk about excuses anymore because we don’t have to……right?

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