Leno’s out…. you’re in!

As our creative evolution continues its amazing journey, we have been producing more and more informational corporate videos in the form of TV shows. This approach has created quasi celebrities in their companies and has proven to be a very palatable delivery method for vital company information.

These productions take the form of on-camera presentations and interviews, sprinkled with departmental commercials, safety reminders, upcoming events, HR Updates and executive messaging.This provides a fun and refreshing way to involve the entire organization.

The variety show flavor brings out the best in each department (and maybe even a little competition). By segmenting topics in this way it is sure to be memorable.

We provide all the equipment, know-how and experience to make the production seem effortless and have a rewarding outcome without the Hollywood price tag.

We very much enjoy producing and being part of these creative endeavors.

As we all know, retention is gold and this is a very effective way to get it.

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