I’m a reel phonee!

Have Phone, Will Travel

I used to own and worry about more than a million dollars worth of video production equipment. I would drag it all over the world in order to make the much sought after corporate “hostage tape”.

I even had to speed up some of my talent in post to inject a little uh, enthusiasm.

So enamored was I of the corporate video world, I poured my savings and my 401K into living in the state of that art. I had so much equipment I could barely keep track.

But you know what they say in Vegas, “No balls, no blue chips.” Now I have neither.

Recently, I had to upgrade my phone. I couldn’t believe what they’re capable of now. These little puppies shoot 4K resolution. Without the “01” in the middle. They can shoot anywhere, anytime and anybody. They can do slow motion, time lapse and can be accessorized out the wazoo. The quality would have cost me $10,000 back in the day.

I shot this little mess right here and had the most fun I could have with my clothes on.

I am definitely getting back into the game. I lost everything my last time out but I learned me some valuable lessons. I am a seasoned video producer with a lot of sales and marketing notches who had to lay his pistol down on account of finances. No more. I am back.

Now I even get to shoot my favorite subject, me.

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