I just fell off the turnip truck!

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Like finding the elusive unicorn or jackalope, I have finally stumbled upon an organization so lacking in corporate bullshit and pretense that I feel compelled to share. In the current corporate environment, I see up close and personal the struggles to maintain the facade of a successful culture and cooperation between employees. It usually fails at almost every level.  At this company though, someone got the memo. They are growing like gang busters and are so convinced and determined that without a positive work environment and a strong feeling of family the whole venture will unravel. Good on ’em.

Human resources at this place is what it says it is: a human resource. The total focus is on the employee. Their main concern is how to maintain the current culture while busting through the roof. Hard to do but not impossible. Accessible leadership, a positive mission and a watchful eye will get them through every inevitable crisis. These guys are smart, they are not going to trip up if they can help it. Where the hell did they come from?

My personal feeling is that if you have to check in some place every day, this is where you would want to be. Regardless of the commute.

I am probably one of the most cynical bastards on the planet. My 30 odd years in the corporate world has stiffened my back, hardened my arteries and tightened my sphincter. I have watched over educated, self deluded executives tear apart whole communities with their inability to reach out, lead and communicate to the souls of which they have taken charge. They allow confusion, negativity and cynicism to fester. Leaders so out of touch with the human element it is embarrassing to watch. Not so with this new breed I am witnessing. They get it and they use it. They didn’t learn this at Dartmouth or Wharton, I betcha.

My work takes me deep inside companies of all sizes and shapes. I get up close and personal with employees and leadership to help them communicate their mission to the world. I know when someone is shining me on. I can tell when someone is rolling the company line at me. I can see the hesitation when someone is asked to say what they like about working there. I am a human bullshit detector.

So, I must say it was a delight to fall off the turnip truck and find a unicorn right under my nose. Finally. Savvy leadership, nice people with an incredible mission: saving lives. What’s not to like?


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