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iStock_000014241909SmallWith today’s on line video capabilities, it’s becoming the growing trend to build corporate internal and external communications around TV network models. Some of the companies we work with have large screen digital signage displays at critical points in the building areas and the content is also replicated on line for field based personnel and re-viewing.

At Bristol Myers Squibb in 2006, we branded it MITV, Medical Imaging Television. This created a multimedia repository of vital information for all employees such as upcoming events, HR announcements, safety practices, IT updates, executive messaging, product announcements and Town Hall meetings, which would be streamed and captured as video on demand,(V.O.D.)

This created a sense of excitement and produced a group of aspiring on-camera personalities, interviewers and interviewees, as well as a sense of competition for the most compelling and unique ways to drive home a message across departments.

Today, as this technique has taken hold, a room is usually designated the “studio” with a camera, green screen and teleprompter where announcements can be taped, edited, produced and reviewed before posting.

Weekly meetings are convened to implement the programming for the following week, any new topics and to discuss content receptivity through feedback mechanisms. This allows us to target our audiences more effectively.

I will be sharing more about the world of corporate broadcasting, the impact it is having on businesses and how you can get started in the future. What an exciting way to get valuable information to stick! Let me know if your company or business is doing something similar and please stay in touch by subscribing to this blog.

For now…  “Quiet on the set!

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