Head Game

Your life, your health, your well-being, your financial and physical independence, your self confidence and your relevance depends on what gets agreed upon between you and that guy in the mirror.

It’s a head game. A game you play for keeps. It’s not a series. No do-overs.

You have to maintain your manliness, your courage and your stamina. You have to work your body, feed your soul and calm your mind.

You have to be rigorous in your pursuits of a healthy machine. You need to train your body and mind like your life depends on it. Because it does.

Step up to the mirror, throw your shoulders back and commit. You’re in a fight for your life. It gets even tougher in the later rounds.

Note to self: This is the later rounds.

Are you gonna address it? Or will you fall to the back of the herd to be picked off by the hungry predators of sickness, disease and irrelevance?

Time to man up!

I’ll step out while you two talk.


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