Growing Old Greatfully!

Life expectancy has just decreased for the second year in a row. Overall life expectancy for a baby born in 2016 fell to 78.6 years, a small decline of 0.1 percent, the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) team found. At the same time, mortality from drug overdoses rose by 21 percent. The opioid crisis raises its ugly head. That’s not the only thing killing us off.

I have been living in the land of the walking wounded here in Sun City, Arizona and I can see why the orange bottle reigns supreme. Seemingly healthy individuals are walking from their cars or golf carts, to occupy motorized shopping carts. Quite a few look disoriented and have trouble making a buying decision, while backing up the aisle traffic at Fry’s.

Checkout can cause you to leave your shopping cart in the middle of the floor and go home.

This isn’t a call to action for physical exercise, though it should be. The same old words always fall on the same old deaf ears, so we can skip the pretense. Living long ain’t what it’s cracked up to be if the denizens of this community are any example. It’s an exercise in pain management.

We are made to move. Failure to do so will cause the body to atrophy and cause a myriad of problems throughout the human movement system. You see the results every day. When care and feeding is applied, the body responds in kind. The designers took careful consideration.

Thanks to the Directors of Misinformation on the news and TV, we have the tendency to look at an exercise program as some big, impossible, complex campaign when actually, it’s just one foot at a time.

So the new life expectancy is 78.6. If those numbers are true, I will have to pass on the green bananas. But I’m not gonna take it laying down. Tomorrow is promised to no one.

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