Groundhog Days

Arizona. This is the most exercise conducive place I’ve ever lived. Every single day is sunny, dry and wide open.

There hasn’t been a day in almost a year that I haven’t been able to take advantage of its repetitive beauty. I think about that every morning as I’m hoofing my way down El Camino in the dark.

Then it hit me: what about me? If I’ve been able to bound out the door every morning, surely that has something to say about my own steady state of fitness and health.

I haven’t been sick or come down with anything to derail my fitness efforts in all this time. Wasn’t always the case. Kind of unnerving when I think about it.

It all comes back to “you get back what you put in.” Which I shrugged off in my younger days. CVS used to give me their annual orange bottle award.

I could go a few months on good intentions but always got sidetracked with one damn thing or another.  I’m seeing it now, real life changing results in my mind, body and attitude.

By the way, what day is it?

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