Embracing The Suck

Wait…what’s that sucking sound?

These last three years have found me broke, homeless, detoxed, arrested, restrained, betrayed, divorced, confined and chased down by the IRS.

Everything I owned in the world was auctioned off recently by a PODS container company in Nashua, New Hampshire.

I lost my credit rating, my car, my cable box and my gym membership.

I also lost 50 pounds, an addiction to Xanax, alcohol, sleep medications, a high blood pressure reading, a hot liver, a bad attitude and a ruthless wife.

During this period I have grown as a writer, a coach, a musician, a video producer, an athlete and a human being.

I have covered ground in my personal development I never thought possible. I gained certification in fitness, nutrition, weight loss and my passion, senior fitness.

I passed two very dry insurance license exams with flying colors. Digesting all that information cured my insomnia.

Having limited capital has made me focus on what I put in my mouth. I eat, train and live like a Spartan.

I am, at 73, an elder athlete. My 20 year old self could never compete with me today.

It seems the mo’ worser my situation, the mo’ better I get.

I am truly embracing the suck.



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