Crashing Through Crapulence

Think of something like a food, a habit, or a vice that you really enjoy in this life, but is keeping you from achieving your long sought after goals.

Now think of never doing it again. That sad, lonely feeling in the pit of your stomach is familiar to all of us. It feels like losing a loved one.

This is the feeling that traps us. It paints a picture of loneliness and deprivation with plenty of void mixed in. You begin to think of things that are gonna start to suck immediately.

This is an aberration.

I have had to withdraw from things that were holding me back on more occasions than I care think about. But I will for the sake of this conversation.

I have been hooked on cigarettes, dope, alcohol, prescription meds, loose women and ice cream.

Every time I committed myself to breaking free and was victorious, a whole new world opened for me.

Example: Fat, drug addled alcoholic, to multi-certified personal trainer. (You can’t make this up.)

The point of this message is if you really want to make a big change, don’t spend your time grieving and imagining life without, focus on the all the good things that will naturally occur in your life because you got rid of those distractions.

Personal victories change you…forever.

So many wonderful, unexpected things happen when you finally take the leap.

You’re the boss.

Trust me.

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