Best In Class

You will never be young again. Your hair isn’t coming back. No amount of skin cream will rejuvenate your aged and sun damaged skin and your hopes of slipping back into that Speedo should be forever dashed. Hopefully.

Retirement is not a death sentence and while your doc is more than ready to meet your needs with his Rx pad, you can breath new life into the body that did someone else’s bidding for the last four decades.

And like the Hotel California, retirement can be Heaven, or it can be Hell.

Thankfully there are some positive things you can do for yourself until the reaper gets here.

You can get in the best shape of your life in your 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Be the best your generation has to offer.

Be an inspiration to your peers.

Why not be best in class? Why not turn heads wherever you go? Why not be proud of your body?

Why not be so fit you suffer no physical limitations in what are supposed to be the best years of your life?

Put the spring back in your step. Enjoy dressing up again. Stay out of hospital waiting rooms and long lines at the CVS. Revel in your independence.

You may never pass a Baywatch audition but you can be the best our generation has to offer.

I am in better shape than I was 50 years ago, so I know personally that it’s possible. And doable.

2020 relates to the clarity or sharpness of vision. What’s yours?

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