Ever meet anyone who wasn’t desirous of losing weight? Me, neither.

Whether it’s a shedding a few pounds, or the equivalent of another human being, everyone will pay at least some attention to anyone manning a flip chart, wearing a sleeveless jersey, and using the term “macronutrients.”

To say that the people who regurgitate incorrect nutritional misinformation are dangerous, is an understatement.

My obnoxious personality has cursed me with the type of curiosity that has led me down a path of confusion, despair and at least an extra twenty pounds.

I’ve tried everything, folks.

With disastrous results.

In four years I’ve lost 60 pounds but gained tons of experience. I’ve been rode hard and put up wet.

Because I was desperate and easily impressed. Don’t be like me.

I watch in horror as these “entrepreneurs” take the digital stage uneducated, uninformed and unabated. They pass on remnants of what they pick up from YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

Sometimes, what they leave out, is just as dangerous as what they put in. Oy!

But they know where the money is. In your wallet.

Coming from a comedic background, the only positive thing I can say is, they’re pulling it off with a straight face.

The mispronunciations themselves can induce gales of laughter.

But it’s a dangerous game they’re playing with your health and your money.

Caveat Empty.

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