Are you looking for ransom or your next client?

Preparing and shooting an online video is a huge pain in the ass. If you do it right. I don’t care how casual you want to make it look, it still takes preparation to put your thoughts across on camera effectively.
Some of the stuff I see from business people who are looking to make an impact is jaw dropping.
You have shitty audio, out of focus, ill framed, shaky camera afterthoughts that look more like a hostage tape than a marketing message.
Then you load it up to LinkedIn backwards.
I may be an old school corporate video producer but I know there is no getting around production value.
If I can’t hear you, barely see you, and need two hits of Dramamine after experiencing one of your “on the fly” messages, I ain’t gonna buy what you’re pushing.

Audio is 70% of the viewer experience.
Don’t stand in front of a window.
For heavy details learn to use a TelePrompter. Check out Prompt Smart, it’s voice activated.
Don’t have a circus going on behind you.
Don’t be lulled into complacency by someone else’s shitty work.
If I think you don’t care about me, I won’t care about you.
Get through that lens, project, project, project.
Don’t put more than six jump cuts in one sentence. (You know who you are.)
Don’t let your first impression be your last.
Have a clear image in your head of your intended victim(s).
Say it like you mean it.
The more casual you want it to look, the more you should prepare.
Use lower thirds and don’t end the message like your camera just went dead.
When I was a chef at a major Boston restaurant, we called cooks who couldn’t cook, shoemakers. Don’t be a shoemaker.
Note to iPhone abusers: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. 🙂

Don’t forget the call to action.


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