To Gild the Lily

“To gild refined gold, to paint the lily,To throw a perfume on the violet … Is wasteful and ridiculous excess.” Shakespeare.

Spare me the details. Spare me the anxious explanation. Spare me the granular, mind numbing conclusion to something that doesn’t really matter anyway.

Let it ride. Float it into my existence without the detailed instructions. Like a kite that fights for its life in a windy sky, let it go.

Leave something out. See what happens.

Be brave. Be unafraid to let someone misunderstand, to get it wrong or not get it at all.

You can’t control someone’s perception. They listen with more than their ears.

It takes self control to hand off the ball and let them run with it.

Never have to hear “I get it” from someone you are pummeling with so much information they are essentially begging for mercy.

The spaces are just as important as the notes.

Next time you feel compelled to overcompensate, just…..

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