“Stream” Lining Your Company Meetings!

Streaming  copy

Used to be, when you wanted to broadcast an event to a worldwide audience, there would be 40 foot trailers queued up behind your presentation halls. Not so, anymore. Technology has allowed us to pull off this incredible feat with an internet connection, a laptop and a little ingenuity, in incredible quality and versatility. The impact is enormous and the cost savings are incredible. Plus, you can record the complete session for video on demand.

It is actually a TV studio with camera angles, commercials, breaks and graphics. (Plus, it sure beats the shit out of GoToMeeting.) Zzzzz!

I’ll  let the following video do the talking from here, but if you ever want to make an impression, (worldwide) let me know. This is one of the coolest things we do. Reaching the world and making an impact. Very rewarding.



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