My Misguided Friend

Editor’s note: Any similarities to anyone living, deceased or inebriated, is purely coincidental.

I have this close friend who recently had his marriage fall apart. It was a long term situation where all the assets were thoroughly mixed. He also suffered from an addiction to prescription medications for which he was successfully treated.

But while he was being treated, his wife made some very cozy financial moves.

Didn’t he see this coming? Nope, he was probably loaded.

As for her, someone not having any marketable, redeemable skills or qualities, one could hardly blame her. After all, Sugar Daddy was now out of sugar.

When he got out of the hospital, dazed and confused, he found himself alone and almost penniless. Not only that, there was debt, lots of debt.

His wife, with her new found wealth and property, refused to share responsibility. Leaving the poor, still shaky schmuck to fend for himself.

She wouldn’t even tell him where the financial bodies were buried, so to speak.

Now, he had to face this new situation without the help of his orange bottles. Egad!

Well, my friend has been through a lot in his life and so he figured he would take his licks and keep on ticking. He got his health back, his physicality back and his unflagging spirit. It was time to move on. So he thought.

Then, when he gets the nerve to check his online banking account, he is shocked to find that his estranged wife has been helping herself to his already dwindled down finances. WTF? She has all the money anyway. Overkill?

He is all at once, shocked and outraged and does a few things to send a shot across her bow. Pretty harmless stuff in the scheme of things. My friend likes to save the good stuff for last.

The next day he is served a temporary* restraining order for his petty transgressions. He laughs it off because he knows, she knows, what he knows. The cops tell him what he can’t do but they also tell him what he can do.

(Veterans have this bond. )

I told my friend years ago to be careful but he wouldn’t listen. He was too trusting. A fool, that one. He is now licking his wounds with that evil, sinister grin he is famous for.

But I also told him he would get no pity from me, he should have listened. Next time, (if there is one) he’ll pay attention.

So smarten up and don’t forget to be careful. 🙂

*Ten days.


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