Hustle Up! Muscle Up!



I have an appointment next week with a couple of women at my gym. They want me to train them, of all things. I have a couple of decades on both of them and of course, I’m honored. I would love to do it and as the old saying goes, no one learns more than the teacher. I’ve never been asked to do something like this before so a little planning and organization is called for.

They are at the phase of life where they’ve put their own lives on hold while they devote themselves to their family. Now it’s their turn.

They noticed my progress over the last few months and thought they would ask me to work with them.

Wouldn’t it be cool to do something like this for a living? There I go again.

So as I think about this, I have to give serious thought about how I, personally, approach exercise, diet and attitude. I have always thought of it in holistic terms. Everyone thinks that you’re supposed to carve out a certain amount of “my time” during the day. That’s the first mistake. It ain’t gonna happen because life happens.

Exercise has a cumulative effect so it can be sprinkled through out the day. Seasoning, if you will. That means stairs,. no elevators, brisk walking, biking, rollerblading and any type of movement that will not jar the skeleton. Joints, tendons etc. I know, because anytime my friends would smell Ben-Gay, they would think of me.

I call my lifestyle, Hustle Up! Muscle Up! It means to walk, jog, bike or blade anywhere you go. Get resistance training in wherever you can. Muscle burns more calories at rest, even sleep, than anything.

So I’m thinking this will be a new adventure no matter how long it lasts. If I can impart some of the gift I have received over the years, I will feel I’m doing something good for someone else. Can’t beat that.

Exercise has pulled me out of more than one nose dive and I expect it to be there for me when I hit my next crisis. With my personality, I won’t be waiting long.

Move it! Move it! Move it!


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