Enlightened! (Again)

Look, if one more person calls me up and tells they’re worried about me and asks if I’ve been taking my meds, I will start start doubling up on the dosage. I am using this magical medium to share my thoughts with the world, how ever crude and non linear my thinking. I’m am purging the remnants of a long, well lived life. Am I aiming at the wrong audience? Possibly, but any audience will do right now, thank you very much. Where am I going with all this? Who knows.

Comedians, satirists and even jesters provide a service to humanity in the way they serve up the inanities of life and rub your nose in them. Sometimes not so gently. They catch us off guard and make us laugh because we have been made aware of the hypnotic state in which we exist, what we accept as fact and what we don’t even dare ruminate about. I won’t pretend to be any of the above but I will take my cues from those who went before me.

So am I angry? Yes! Am I depressed? No! Do I think I’m a little harsh and critical of the total asinine crap we accept as gospel from people who should know better? Yes! Will I tone it down and stop making my friends and loved ones neurotic? Probably not.

At some point in our life, we all metabolize our existence and come up with a hypothesis or supposition as to what we’re supposed to be doing here in the first place. The goal, for all intents and purposes they say, is to reach enlightenment, that awareness which frees a person from the cycle of rebirth, or, as I like to think of it, as making the same mistakes over and over again.

As I have grown and learned to take inventory of my life experience, I have found tremendous value in the ability to be still. To watch. To absorb something and not pour forth on a second’s notice. Although you might not deduce that from my writings, I can assure you I am entirely premeditated in my approach.

So as I log in my contributions (as I like to think of them) and weigh in on the sum total of my experience, I would like to think of what I say as not just another “sharp stick in the eye” but rather the reflections of someone who has led a full and incredible life and does not accept as rote the silliness we endure on this planet. I read once that the people who make the most mistakes are the most intelligent. That would make me Einstein.




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