A funny thing happened on my way to the poor house…

….I dropped my iPhone.

Yup, if I wasn’t screwed enough, I just got screweder. Now, how was I supposed to enjoy those job rejection texts?

When I called to cancel my service, I was made aware that I could get an upgraded phone for 30 more bucks a month on my AT&T bill. Why not?

While I’m waiting, I do some research and I’m blown away by the capabilities of these things. They shoot 4K resolution, slow motion, time lapse and you can even make a phone call if you have to.

Plus, they have every kind of accessory you can imagine. I bought a mic and a green screen, moved some chairs in my kitchen and shot my first show. I use a laptop as a teleprompter when I run out of things to say.  🙂

Now, I am a “hard core” video producer. To the bone. I love it. I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years, mostly successful until the end. I lost some big clients, had some personal problems and had to take a dive.

For the last two years, every time I heard a video production term, I would change the channel. Literally and figuratively. It hurt too much to even discuss it. Such was my loss.

Half of my million or so dollars worth of equipment I had to sell, and the other half is sitting in a PODS container in Nashua, New Hampshire and will probably air on this year’s “Container Wars”.

Just typing that causes internal bleeding.

In my mind, I needed serious bucks to get back in the game. “Au contraire, monsieur.” I realize now I can do serious damage with one of these little gadgets and don’t even have to check it at the airport.

Corporate, small business, Youtubing, and vlogging are back in my sights. Video production has no re$trictions on me now. With my sales, marketing, and in house video production skills, I can keep my costs low and my profits high.

I am on it now, people. If I can make me some money, I’ll see you on “Container Wars”.


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