In my family of twelve, when one got sick, we all got sick. We were splayed all over the living and dining rooms so my mother could keep a worried eye on each of us.

We were told to pass the dishpan when a little brother or sister would start heaving.

There were tissues and empty glasses everywhere.

When it became more than even my saintly mother could handle, she called good old Dr. Mc Sweeney.

He was a huge man with a great big voice and hands the size of trash can lids.

His kindness and empathy filled our house.

He would pick us up individually, sick or not,  let us hear our own heartbeats through his stethoscope and give us a lollipop.

He would calm my mother’s frazzled nerves by telling her it was just a bug and that all we needed was more rest, lots of orange soda and we’d be up and around in a few days.

For years we equated being sick with getting special treatment.

God bless Dr. Mc Sweeney.

Doctor visits are a thing of the past.

Doctors have to toe the company line and follow tight protocols.

Most likely provided by pharmaceutical companies.

These days, after a long drive and an even longer wait, the doc barely looks at you and the clock starts running as soon as they enter the room.

They don’t ask you any personal questions and they bury their face in their iPad and start going down the long list of general questions.

Each question, answered in the affirmative, has a next step or a prescription attached to it.

Couldn’t anyone do that?

I told you all that to say this: Medicine is a business. They don’t have time for small talk and they don’t want to hear your life story.

Sadly, we take our health and fitness for granted. We only start paying attention when we start exhibiting symptoms .

Time to take responsibility.

The healthcare system would prefer you sick. Actually, the sicker the better.

They can drain your finances, ruin your credit and possibly misdiagnose you.

And you won’t get a lollipop.




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